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3 definitions by The Blanket Monster

He's a dude. He's Korean. He's magnificent, superb, glorious, sublime, lovely, and delightful.
Kunwoo is great.
by The Blanket Monster May 07, 2011
A con-goer who is extremely attractive but is lacking in the areas required for an on-going relationship. Used for flirting, showing off, and possibly sex at the convention only. You may use the same convention lollipop over several years. Similar to arm candy.
That dude had the most beautiful body Fawn had ever seen, but the intelligence of a gopher. No matter, she'd found her convention lollipop.
by The Blanket Monster July 30, 2010
The day on which you fap. May also be spelled Fapjous Day.

A play on Fraptious Day from the new Alice in Wonderland.
Carmin would wait until Sunday, which is after Saturday -- the day on which she always attempts to get laid, to masturbate. That way, she would be ready should the chance to have sex arise before then. Thus Carmin dubbed Sunday her Faptious Day.
by The Blanket Monster May 07, 2011