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Someone in sports who hits the rim/post in a clutch situation.
We could of won in overtime, but Dave hit the post on the field goal attempt. He's known as Captain Clank.
by The Bizzle October 07, 2004
A slang word used for getting high.
Person 1:What up man?
Person 2: Just chillin at the crib.
Person 1: Well you wanna match?
Person 2: You know I'm always down to get grizzity.
by The Bizzle October 07, 2004
Having money, ballin having hella cheese.
After I cash this check, my wrists will be clean as fuck.
by The Bizzle October 10, 2004
ass, asshole, anus

usually used with "your mom"
"yea well i still slid it in your mom's lagoul"

"i put it in your sister's lagoul"

"your dad gave me astroglide and then tried to put it in my lagoul"
by the bizzle September 05, 2003
a herb , homo, douche bag, a what ever all rolled up into one - a herbito also known as "herbert" or "jed"

"Jon" is herbito's brother
"mick is a herbito"

"hey herbito get the fuck out of my way"


"herbito keeps calling me"

by the bizzle September 02, 2003
Semen, or man juice. also see skeet
I hit that raw and dumped all baby batter on that chick.
by The Bizzle October 07, 2004

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