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a combo of a Houdini -doing a guy/girl from behind, spitting on his/her back, and ejaculating in his/her eye- and the Angry Pirate - ejaculating in his/her eye and giving him/her a peg leg.

Step 1: Do her/him from behind. Pull out before ejaculating and Spit on lower Back

Step 2: When the person turns around, you cum in their eye, which they will tend to by covering it with their hand, creating the effect of an eye patch. They will also make a weird grunt sounding much like a Pirate saying ARRRRG.

Step 3: Wait for the person to get up. Immediatly, once standing, kick that person in the shin, creating the effect of the peg leg

Step 4: Sit back and laugh at the person hopping around on one leg, covering their eye while screaming Arrrrrg from the top of their lungs!
Mike- "Last night, I busted the Pirate Houdini combo on my girl!"

Alex-"Did you laugh while she jumped around screaming ARG from the top of her lungs?"

Mike-"Sure Did!"
by The Bitch February 14, 2007
Much like the Angry Dragon, the walrus is simple. When you are getting head from a guy/girl and you are about to ejaculate, ram your dick far into his/her mouth, causing him/her to gag. You've blocked the air passage and the only way for your cum to exit is shooting through his/her nasal passage. Pull out immediatly and watch ur cum shoot out of his/her nose, resembling the walrus' majestic tusks. This can also be done by punching him/her in the stomach or tickling him/her as he/she is about to swallow.
Mike- "My girl was giving me head while I was watching the Discovery Channel, and I wanted her to resemble the walruses I was watching. So I gave her an Angry Dragon and it worked!"
by The Bitch February 14, 2007

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