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100 of anything (lbs., dollars, percent, etc.)
That girl was at least a 4-hundy.
I heard Yamser got a hundy on that test.
by the birdman April 15, 2004
A drink made in six easy steps
1) 4 shots of cheap ass Castillo Gold rum
2) 1 shot of coke
3) Mix well
4) Chug
5) Wait a couple minutes
6) Giggle like a little girl
Last night I took the Castillo Challenge and passed out for most of the movie.
by the birdman May 04, 2004
Getting blown away in programming class, then completely understanding it in the blink of an eye. And is now a mastermind at everything, and is beating life with a stick.
Mike Schuchardted last year in his cs class.
by The Birdman October 14, 2003

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