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2 definitions by The Bim

To bust a nut in the style of the great Bimson. Usually performed on the facial region but can be compatible with the anal passage. Strictly used in straight relationships.
"Damn homie, i just done Bimsplosion on my girl".
by The Bim March 23, 2008
10 0
The feeling a male expeirences when he has ejaculated inside his pants and continues to wear them. As the semen makes the pants feel wet and squidgy, like the pants are made of some strange spongy material. Opinions of the feeling vary, some think that it is nice while others detest it. It usually ends in the pants being changed or washed within 2 hours of the incident.
"Shit mayne, I just blew a load in my pants and now i got mushy pants".
by The Bim March 24, 2008
12 7