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5 definitions by The Bikeyorph

Anything ill; completely out of nowhere.
He be sayin some next shit!

I gotta cop that, that's some next shit right there!
by The Bikeyorph November 18, 2004
1. A really long acronym used in mocking the use of other acronyms or 1337 speak.

2. A very extreme way of saying "what the fuck?"

The acronym was crafted in the same chatroom that brought us such words as bikeyorph and beese. It was an attempt to make a ridiculously long acronym to mock others' use of acronyms. The first part of it stands for "Rolling On The Floor Laughing My God Damn Motherfucking Ass Off Peeing In My Pants Choking On My Food Shitting Myself Laughing Out Loud Oh My God What The Fuck Barbecue". The next part, WMATAGAUGH, was someone's response to the first part, an accidental mispelling of WMATAGMOAGH (Washington Metro Area Transit Authority General Manager Oren A. G. Hirsch).
case #1
Person A: WTF
Person B: lol

case #2
Person A: they went to change positions, and he fell over and landed on his dick
by The Bikeyorph December 04, 2004
Plural of bus. The result of a lengthy debate about the correct spelling of buses vs. busses, which turned up several other variations including bai, bi, and boon, all of which were proven wrong.
I stay away from beese; I rather walk or take the train.
by The Bikeyorph November 11, 2004
1. An uber bitch, punk, or asshole.
2. A corpulent bitch, punk, or asshole.

History: Originally blurted out at random by someone, then adopted to mean someone who is not just a bitch, but a whole wall worth of bitch.
Get out of my face, bitchwall.
by The Bikeyorph November 04, 2004
Anyone or anything having any of the qualities of a filthy, hairy, homeless man riding a subway train in his boxers and follows people. Often capitalized.
You are THE FUBAR, you fat ugly bitch!

We better chill at your place, my house is mad fubar.

Put your feet down man, your legs are mad fubar!

At least you don't bug me like this FUBAR over here...

My school is messed up-my principal's a real FUBAR.

This cafateria food is so FUBAR...
by The Bikeyorph December 09, 2004