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V. When a younger guy asks an older woman to go on a date
Guy: Hey what are you doing tonight
Girl: Going to play bingo, besides I'm to old to hang out with you
Guy: No you're not, you should cougar-me-up tonight
#older #woman #dating #cougar #cougar town
by The Big Topper June 04, 2010

1) A person who is the best at his profession,job or hobby

2) A person who is a circus groupie
1) You see how that guy just double teamed those two broads? That is why he is the Big Topper

2) Dude, elephants, clowns and those dumbass niggas taming those lions are not cool, how did you become such a Big Topper
#circus #leader #animals #boss #mafia
by The Big Topper June 04, 2010
When a guy wears pants that are too tight for him and his pee-pee makes an outline in his pants giving the illusion of a turtle popping out of his shell
Guys shouldn't wear spandex pants, no broad thinks turtle head is hot
#penis #camel toe #camel toe for guys #cock #penis poking out
by The Big Topper June 10, 2010
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