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When you're just not feeling the condom you've got on. You call a timeout mid-thrust and bring in the substitute condom off the bench. A "money-making" move that was unprecedented until late 2009.
"I pulled The Rewrap last night... now I need new sheets"
by The Big Sreaze February 06, 2010
A multi-step sexual performance.

1. Embargo her air supply through erotic asphyxiation during vaginal intercourse.
2. Paddle her until she submits to calling you Mr. President.
3. Casually transition to anal.
4. Make her confess she'll give you her vote, in exchange for ass-to-mouth.
5. Veto the condom and put your commander in chief in her oval office.
6. Retire to your presidential bed and make her sleep on the futon in the grimy Lincoln bedroom.
I dropped a Benjamin to fly her down to the White House. It was worth it though, I gave her "The "Mr. President"".
by The Big Sreaze February 08, 2011

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