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The phrase is commonly said when a person has a "Freudian Slip".
Boy A: "I can't wait till I'm sexteen".
Boy B: "Don't you mean sixteen".
Boy A: "Oh crap woops".
Boy B: "Dude you would be Freud's wet dream".
by The Big LeGasp February 05, 2011
A play on the word business that is catered for MMO players and their guild's.
Person A: Let's go watch a movie.
Person B: I have guildness to attend to tonight.
Person A: What the hell is guildness?
Person B: Businesswith my guild idiot.
Person A:.......You need a life.
*flicks off* ~_~,,|,, *walks away*
by The Big LeGasp February 26, 2011

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