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3 definitions by The Big LeChowski

A parlor trick played on one of your unsuspecting friends (or strangers.) When someone is bending over to pick up something, you put your hands together flat to make a shark fin. Then you shove it in their asscrack and yell 'SHARK IN THE BUNS!'

Hilarity ensues. Bonds are made and broken.
'Hey, I dropped my pen can you pick it up for me?... SHARK IN THE BUNS!!'
by The Big LeChowski October 25, 2006
Close cousin to 'shark in the buns', but with better results. When the unsuspecting victim (friend or stranger) bends over to pick something up. Shove your hand in their ass/crotch from behind, wiggle it around like a rabid animal and yell 'SQUIRREL IN THE FRUIT BASKET!'

Great at parties. Also works on girls.
'Hey i think you dropped a quarter.. SQUIRREL IN THE FRUIT BASKET!!!'
by The Big LeChowski October 25, 2006
A cheap tactic used while playing online chess. In the final seconds of the game one of the players throws all his pieces he can at his oppenents king, checking him again and again in order to throw him off for just long enough to get flagged and lose the game.
only one move from mate and two seconds to go, my opponent started kingcrashing me and i ran out of time... fucker. censored.
by The Big LeChowski December 29, 2005