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A quick witty reply that can be used for about four words.
1.) Dee Dee Dee
2.) Penguin
3.) Loud talker
4.) Anoying person who is angry because they have not gotten laid in about 20 years+.
Ex. Person 1: OMFG TODAY I WAS SOOO ANGRY BECAUSE I DIDN'T..... (Caps lock to show loadness).
Person 2: Dude I can hear you, you don't need to be a Slominski!!!!!!

#slominski #odd #loud #zac newton #fag
by The Big Fluff May 07, 2008
The act of giving a "noob" a dirty sanches, or can also be considered to be used as a word to explain an orgy between 3 or more guys together at the same time. Can also be used as a term for some one who practices "bestialy/beastality".
Ex. When I got home last night, my dog came up to let me pet him, so I gave him an ivenator in the face...

Ex. Last week I walked in on a man doing the ivenator with other men!!!!!

Ex. The other day, I was giving this chick an ivenator "dirty sanches".
#zac newton #ivenator #connor #fag #noob #dirty sanches #orgy #bestialy #beastialty
by The Big Fluff May 19, 2008
Wood(hard penis), Cutter(Emo/cuttter), so if you add them together, it is called a penis cutter. Which is not that good of a thing.
Ex. If your sex addict, who hates his life, should become a "Wood cutter." Because chances are that you have already cut everything else.
#wood #cutter #wood cutter #emo #zac newton
by The Big Fluff May 01, 2008
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