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exasperation; total disbelief; suprise; When what the fuck just isn't enough.

When used by itself:
Usually heard coming from the garage or the basement when your dad finds his tools missing or broken.

Used in conjunction with:
-is wrong with you!
-are you doing?
-is this shit?
after same dad confronts you.
Dad:(finding his tools missing) WHAT THE FLYIN' FUCK!

Dad:(finding you with a plunger up your ass)WHAT THE FLYIN' FUCK is wrong with you!

Dad:(finding your stash under the bed) WHAT THE FLYIN' FUCK is this shit?
by The Big Bad One May 28, 2009
Phrase used when insane just isn't enough. Something super, mega, or intensely cool/crazy.
Neil: I was having this awesome mom/daughter double team when the old man walked in the bedroom...and started filming.
Bob: Dude, That's Fuckin' Insane!

Michael Fitzpatrick:Yo man, I got a B.J. while I was skydiving.
Patrick Fitzmichael: No shit, That's Fuckin' Insane!
by The Big Bad One May 28, 2009
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