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3 definitions by The Best Definer Ever?

Someone who habitually steals (or snags) items from other people.
That bastard stole my cell phone AGAIN! What a snaggard!
by The Best Definer Ever? September 19, 2010
Someone who constantly reminds someone of the time they have spent on the toilet while that person is trying to defecate in peace.

Similar to the word "Timekeeper"

Dude, it's been 78 seconds and you are still on the toilet.

Shut the hell up you Turdkeeper.
by The Best Definer Ever? October 10, 2010
A characteristic or action that is homosexual beyond redemption.

Autofag cannot be reversed by any explanation, justification, ect. If you have been Autofagged, you ARE a faggot.
John: "Wow, did Henry really just wear pink shorts to school for the third day in a row?"


Henry: "Dude, I haven't washed any of my other clothes yet, cut me some slack."

John: "Nope. Autofag!"

Sam: "Don't try to justify your homosexuality with logic. AUTOFAG!"
by The Best Definer Ever? October 10, 2010