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Something somebody made up tons of years ago. Something that's just there to make other people feel less important, beautiful, and more nerdy and dorkish than the so called, "popular people." A word that makes everybody else sad except for the ones that are actual popular.
You're such a nerd! No wonder my popularity is higher than yours!
by The Best Asian February 02, 2005
When somebody crys and laughs at the same time. Usually the start to cry first but then somebody makes them laugh and they start craughing.
One time when i was at camp, the councler hit the volleyball over the net but it went to hard and fast and smacked me in the face. It hurt a lot so i started to cry but it was hilarious and i started to laugh. That is craughing
by The Best Asian February 02, 2005
1. A term used to say that something is well liked or used.
2. POPULAR PEOPLE! Some of those popular people are bitches and are hated yet still stay popular. Others r OK and are liked and thats why theyre popular.
3. A term made up by somebody to make other people feel and look bad. What a bitch...
1. Drugs are so popular these days!

2. Those stupid fucking popular people are making out on the stairs again

3. Popular Person: I'm popular and you're just a freak in my way!
The Freak: I hate you and nobody even knows why you're popular so go and get a life!
by The Best Asian February 01, 2005
An Asian girl or guy that is really hot, sexy, or cute (Usually a girl. Most guy asians are'nt very attractive...lol)
1. Guy: Dude did you see that girl? She was one Asian Hottie!

2. Girl: OMG look! Isn't he such an Asian Hottie?
by The Best Asian February 26, 2005
A crazy messed up word i made up while watching Finding Nemo. Its what you say when you try to speak whale
Dorrie: "Oh i know whale! *whale noises* *more whale noises* he either said move to the back of the throat, or he wants a rootbeer float..."
Me: OMG! Im gonna try that! WOO LOO LOO!
by The Best Asian February 01, 2005
1. any form of sexual activity ex: flirting, sex, making out, cuddling, hugging, kissing, and many more...
After we were done canoodling, we decided to get some coffee. see fuck as an alternative
by The Best Asian February 01, 2005
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