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A friend of the late, great Dean Martin.
"Whoa, there, pally. You're not drunk if you can lay on the floor without holdin' on!"
by The Beev September 19, 2007
A very long bowel movement that is layered in the toilet bowl at least twice around without breaking.
"Dude, you gotta come and see this double coiler I just laid down. It's a work of ass art!"
by The Beev September 19, 2007
Take a good, long, hard suck of my arse.
He really pissed me off, so I told him to T.A.G.L.H.S.O.M.A.
by The Beev September 18, 2007
A particularly long and cohesive bowel movement. Used in a phrase like "making rope".
"Oh, man, after I ate all that oatmeal, I made the best rope!" or "I gotta go make some rope" or "who left the rope in the shitter?"
by The Beev September 19, 2007
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