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A pouch of fat located just below the belly button that extends to the vagina. Commonly seen on women giving the illusion of a mass of poop build-up in the intestines.
Her face was hot but did you see her poop gut?
by The Bee September 29, 2004
A large or bulbous butt. Derived from the combination of Fat & Ass. Used mainly as a compliment to the size of a womans back bumper.
That girls got a fine faddow.

Ohh, I just wanna sink my teeth into that Faddddow.
by The Bee September 29, 2004
Extra-relational sex. Usually consented to by both parties of said relationship.
Sure my wife knows about my lover, she's ok with me gettin a little goodie on the side. (that is not the case with my wife)
by The Bee September 29, 2004
The ability to name pointless trivia and score lots of chicks while doing it.
That Pelo is hogging all the honeys, it's like he's working a backwards Claven.
by The Bee September 29, 2004
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