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A premeditated pose or picture taken of a man due to the possibilty of garnering female attention for a possible booty call in the near future. The photo generally makes the person look much more awesome or interesting than they really are.
"Im posting this awesome panty-dropper pic on myspace!"
by The Bay Area Stranger April 20, 2009
Falsifying one's religious beliefs in order to impress or relate to a member of the opposite sex with the hope of a sexual encounter being the end state.
"Aw man, I'm running late for church." - Dan
"You don't even go to church." - Dave
"Yeah, but there's this hot chick that I know will be there."- Dan
"Oh, I see, you're just keeping the faikth!" - Dave
by The Bay Area Stranger April 20, 2009
When a heterosexual man walks with a certain pep, strut, or swagger closely resembling that of a flaming, flamboyant homosexual man.
"Who's that homo walking toward us?" - Dave
"Wait a sec, that looks like Mike!" - James
"Man, he's a total gaywalker!" - Dave
by The Bay Area Stranger April 20, 2009
When you or someone you know reads EVERY comment on a persons myspace/facebook to acquire information on a person, then, when in a conversation the said person acts like they knew the information, as if they were told. But clearly the only way they knew was by reading other people comments.
Stalkers, myface stalking
by The Bay Area Stranger April 20, 2009
An instance of extreme elation similar to the felling experienced by a homosexual when trapped in a bag filled with his food of choice.
"I just won the lottery in the middle of a recession and now i'm happier than a fag in a bag of dicks!"
by The Bay Area Stranger April 20, 2009

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