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An archaic Appalachian slang term for smegma--the cheesy secretion that collects under the prepuce or around the clitoris.
The stripper Paul hired left bloomer pudding smeared on the dance pole.
by The Bastard February 20, 2004
Assmeats encompases the region common to the ass. This term is used most in regards to members of the ape family, due to their distended and swollen posteriors.
The Chimpanzee's swollen and distended assmeats shocked the crowd at the zoo.
by The Bastard February 19, 2004
Acronym, that could stand for anything. Although, believed to mean "I fucking hate Cassidy the Bitch." It really means, "I'm From Hell, Community Bastard."
IFHCB is a very strong belief.
by the bastard February 18, 2004
self-inflicted male camel toe. hold onto your pants with your feet together and pull up vigorously. if properly executed this will separate your junk and make an impressive male camel toe.
look at my tuppy *yanks up pants*
by the bastard August 30, 2003
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