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Peter Mandelson's bitch.

Reponsible for bollocksing up Britain. Enjoys getting butt-fucked by Europe. Appointed the biggest cretin in political history to be his second in 'command'. Wife is an evil profit-whore. History will show that he and his filthy government were an utter disaster for the UK.
Tony Blair won 3 general elections. Only because there were enough people stupid enough to vote for him.
by The Baron Delarary October 07, 2006
An exceptionally pungent, meaty, transient bout of flatulence unleashed by an unknown assailant in a confined area.
The mood at the dinner party was blackened by a haunting, cloying odour - despite a volley of accusing looks, no-one would confess to discharging the ghastly mince morsel....
by The Baron Delarary August 29, 2006

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