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<N, theo.>
Also known as the finer things in life. Originally arranged in the 6th century by Pope Gregory, the seven are:

1. Pride - An attitude of personal superiority, almost universally accredited as the most useful of the sins.

2. Envy - desire for the belongings or traits of others.

3. Lust - The craving of 'earthly pleasures,' if 'earthly pleasures' are defined as sex.

4. Avarice - Greed; the desire of riches, bling, or Nikes(c).

5. Wrath - Outpouring of destructive or hurtful behavior of thought.

6. Sloth - An animal thats so inert that moss grows on it. The sin itself is easy to piece together from there.

7. Gluttony - The urge to intake more than is necessary for day-to-day functions.
Pride: I'm the man!
Envy: I want your woman!
Lust: In fact, I want to have *SEX* with your woman!
Avarice: Maybe, if I had more money, your woman would have sex with me...
Wrath: Get over here, woman! NOW!
Sloth: Why? Well, because I'm too lazy to come over there to you.
Gluttony: Oh well, the woman left. Anyone for Mickey-D's?
by The Baron October 10, 2003
1. Also known as DAoC. A massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) that pits players against one another as one of three realms, Albion, Midgard, or Hibernia. Often referred to as "The Crack" or "Crackalot" due to its highly addictive nature, "Camelot" draws players in with it's intense PVP, and extensive selection of classes. One who is addicted to the game may be known as "Cracked Out" or simply "On the Crack"

2. Permanent residence of the Nerf Bat
1.<Person 1> Have you played DAoC?
<Person 2> No, I play Everquest! DAoC sucks!
<Person 1> Perforate Artery!

2. UGH! My Cleric!
by The Baron October 09, 2003
1. Liternally, it is a soft, foam-rubber bat, produced by Nerf(c), a subsidiary of Hasbro(C) Inc. Notoriously better at wounding the victim's pride than causing actual injury.

<N, Fig.>
2. Based on def. 1 above, "Nerf Bat" has come to refer to the implement that a game developer wields when reducing the effectiveness of a class in a computer game, usually an MMORPG. This process is also known as "Nerfing." See NERF for more info.
1. Ow! That...err...didn't hurt that much, but why did you hit me with that nerf bat?

2. This class was almost fun until they beat it to death with the nerf bat!
by The Baron October 10, 2003
Also: G.I.F.T.

See Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory
Person 1: Wow, what a fine example of GIFT in action; he managed not only to use 15 contradictory racial slurs in a row, but he misspelled 10 of them.
by The Baron March 27, 2004
<n, pl.>
The plural of the noun class, which can be defined as one of usually many branches of advancement for characters or avatars in rpgs
This game has way too many classes!
by The Baron October 06, 2003
A chosen branch of advancement for a character or avatar in a role-playing game RPG
<l33t_g33k> What class did you choose?
<n00b_g33k> I chose the Infiltrator, and someday im going to r0XX0R! Can I have some gold?!?!?
<l33t_g33k> ...
by The Baron October 06, 2003

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