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A mystical and beautiful lake and state park located in northwestern Mississippi. A place to go and fish, boat, and get fucked up and pass out in the cabin. Fuck Fests usually take place here. GO TODAY!
If you swim in lake at night, you may possible get a creamy onion from Jason Vorhees
Chris: Enid Lake goes this weekend....

Matt: jilt

Bobby: not allowed bobbypettit

by The Bangkok Project December 29, 2007
A small, yet illusive creature. Looks like a pig badger with two large buckteeth, a pilgrim's outfit (hat with buckle, etc.), and a light saber that will rock your fucking world.
Damn Chris! that humphry challenger just stole my lunch out of the GD trough!
by The Bangkok Project December 25, 2007
Piss old wanker.....A fake prisoner of war that usually hangs out in VFW's, and other hole in the wall bars and talks about fighting in vietnam. Fake stories and tries to I.D. everyone. Everyone wishes they were still M.I.A.
That retarded P.O.W. better leave me the fuck alone before I stick this pool cue up his ass. shit....
by The Bangkok Project December 29, 2007
The shit that an un-circumcised reindeer leaves on your roof after take-off. Usually looks like uncooked quaker oats and smells like fucking rot cheese. Best found on Christmas morning.
Uncle Yogurt: "Damn, I like Santa and all, but this reindeer shmigma shit is gonna have to fucking stop!"

Marge: "Yep"
by The Bangkok Project December 25, 2007
When a group of mexican nastys bukkake on a young french maid. She then uses the jizz to lubricate a slip n' slide into a pile of shit, where she then has to find and eat the fried okra hidden in the pile.
All Grandpa could say after he looked in the bacyard at the Dirty Menudo festival was........"damn"
by The Bangkok Project December 25, 2007
An animal of shitskin likeness, usually wearing baggy pants, doo-rags, has huge lips, and defends doodoo pile.
Listens to loud ass rap, and has nostrils like a Goddamn camel. i.e. a NIGGER
These fucking doodoo soldiers have been infiltrating northern mississippi for too fucking long now!
by The Bangkok Project December 25, 2007
Another word for your dickcock.
She was dubbing my Uncle yogurt the king with her tongue last night.............JEEEEEFFFFFFFF!!
by The Bangkok Project December 25, 2007

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