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Hair removal system that does not work.
Yeah, I put that Nair shit on my legs and after about 6 minutes it started to burn my flesh, then my hands smelled like burning rubber after I tried to wash it off...
by The Bandwagon June 19, 2004
1. Music slaughter house
2. Pits genres against eachother
3. Creates alot of hate
4. Slowly sucks the realness out of good bands
5. Also see ass hat
Yeah, we get all our food diced and sliced at MTV's studios now, they can do a tight-ass job slaughtering stuff, I mean they can turn some rock hard music into puddles of blood and nostalgia
by The Bandwagon May 28, 2004
An 80's band that has the sig. 80's twang. A little hard to understand. Disbanded after just one album in 86 I believe.
Check out "End on End" its a neat song
by The Bandwagon June 19, 2004
1.Someone who has the right idea, someone who is real punk but has this need to pick on others such as "pop-punkers"
2.People who listen to hard core punk but are always ready to argue with someone else that might not be as "hard core punk" as them.
Try hard punk: Yes, I like this band, that band and another band, but I HATE YOU BECAUSE YOU LISTEN THAT BAND!
Some other guy, anything except "Try hard punk": Okay. You gonna shut up now, or do I have to ram my signed Good Charlotte t-shirt down your throat?
by The Bandwagon March 31, 2004
Possibly the most mind changing band in all of history... Sorry, the "greatest band of all time" thing gets old really quick. Im an unworthy child-fan just discovering the legacy, give me time and I shall bloom. Okay, that just sounded fuckin' stupid...
Nirvana is equal to God. If you believe in God. If not, than Nirvana IS God.
by The Bandwagon June 19, 2004
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