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A way of expressing that something tastes like what it should
Skippy eats a pear flavored jellybean
Jellybean tastes like a pear

Skippy-dude this tastes like what I'm eating
by The Band Aid April 21, 2010
May also be called the Assistant to the Band Director
Origin of the first Band Aid to publish himself was in Southwest Michigan
The Band Aid has no examples
by The Band Aid April 22, 2010
Meaning better than better
Dude I can make words betterrer
by The Band Aid April 20, 2010
A word used by people who cannot pronounce Voltage (the Mountain Dew flavor) and cannot seem to pronounce the word Volt and Age in the same word
Man 1: Dude guess what I can say Boltage

Man 2: Dude Voltage
Man 1: Thats what I said
Man 2: Epic Fail
by The Band Aid April 20, 2010

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