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A number 18 is the value meal that I forced every fast food chain to add to their menu and have not notified them of. A number 18 is a kid's meal bag filled with french fries.
Wendy's: Hello how may I help you today?
Me: I'll take a number 18.
Wendy's: A number 8. What would you like to drink with that?
Me: No. A number 18.
Wendy's: Sir i'm sorry we don't have a number 18.
Me: Put your manager on.
Wendy's Manager: Hello? How may I assist you today?
Me: I'll take a number 18.
Wendy's Manager to worker: Oh this guy again. Just ring up 9 large frys and dump them all in a kid's meal bag. Apparently it's his idea of a number 18.
Wendy's: Would you like anything to drink with that today sir?
Me: Ketchup.
by The Banchou June 24, 2011

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