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(noun) One who has had enough of hoity-toity bitches who believe the "pleasure" of taking them to an expensive dinner is its own reward; to avenge all the blueballed men who paid for dinner and got none, this man will take a whore to an expensive meal and excuse himself to use the bathroom towards the end - but really leave that bitch with the tab and go elsewhere.
No, no, no! I have had enough of this shit! No more will we sit idly by as you worthless dinner whores play us for a free meal - either put out or pay my fucking bill! So says the dinner whore avenger!
by The Bald Head Assassin August 11, 2006
(noun) 1. One who likes to engage in anal olympics; a turd burglar; one who will give you cornrows on your crack, because they nasty like that.

2. A butt monkey; one who has an unhealthy fetish for the chocolate starfish.

3. One who collects cocoa pebbles (ewwwww)
Yeah man, she is fine as hell, but she's an ass fandangler and I don't get down like that.
by The Bald Head Assassin July 29, 2006
1. Derived from the words "cunt" and "whore," it is used to express that much more disgust with a female than it's roots.

2. A female of ill repute to say the least; worse than a prostitute because she does it for free - hence she has nothing to show for it aside from the nut on her face.
Dude, the whole crew has boned her, she's a filthy cuntour!

Kiss you? Kiss a skeezy cuntour like you? You gotta be fucking kidding me!
by The Bald Head Assassin August 05, 2006
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