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One who displays homosexual tendancies whilst not actually being a poof.
see all they italians that live in Glasgow, they're all bufties.
by the bag boy April 16, 2005
I don't know. We just made it up based on the fact that "Testify" was derived from the word "testicle" and then we just changed it to nad.
Ha ha, Nadify, it's like testify only different.
by The Bag Boy May 13, 2005
The three-phase toley that you drop after a night out on the piss.

Phase 1: Your Dinner - normal shit for the morning.

Phase 2: The beer - quite nasty, but this depends on what you drank.

Phase 3: The Beer Munchies - the remnants of that Largedonnerwitheverythinganacanabru or undercooked burger that you ate on the way home. This has potential to be the nastiest phase.

NB. Three phases does not equal three visits to the pan, this shit has been known to last until 2pm and need ~45 visits to the pan.
Fraser: You feeling ok dude?
John: No, I'm mid-alcoplop

Stew: You nearly done in there?
John: No, I'm mid-alcoplop

Michael: What's that noise?
Fraser/Stew: John is mid-alcoplop
by The Bag Boy May 17, 2005
A coctail born in the Tron pub in Edinburgh:

Double Vodka, Tequila, Blue Bols and Midouri, topped up with Pineapple juice and a dash of lemonade for texture.

Serves 3.

Word Origin: A Scottish/German hybrid, literally meaning Pussy Juice.
Haw Stefan, you want some Flangensaft?
by The Bag Boy April 15, 2005
The world famous Steak & Ale Pie, Chips, Peas, and extray on the gravay cha'mone.

As available from The Megabyte in Heriot-Watt Universitay Student's Association (on Friday at lunch time)
John: I might not get pie today 'cos i'm feeling a bit under the weather.

Peter: But John, it's chicken soup for the soul, check check the cone.
by The Bag Boy April 22, 2005
If one is "straight edge" it means they are a self-righteous Holier-than-thou nob-end who won't shut up about how cool it is to "be in control of your faculties".
No i don't want a pint cos I'm straight edge (acompanied by a ridiculus looking x gesture with the forearms)
by The Bag Boy April 14, 2005
Generic term for an attractive female, particularly one who isn't real, or you don't know her name or you have no chance of actually getting with.
Peter: I got a date with Adele tonight
John: Cool, where you going?
Peter: Just around some pubs, see who I meet.
by The Bag Boy April 13, 2005
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