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Two Huge Boobs + Penis = Awesome Sandwich. Cum optional
There's nothing like a good titty fuck. Her boobs my dick, it was an Awesome Sandwich!
#boobs #dick #titty #cum #awesome
by The Baddest Bitch! December 21, 2009
Occurs while eating out a woman's vagina when she is on her period.
John: Come on baby, blood doesn't bother me; let me eat your pussy.

Christina: I'm not down with the Twilight Stache!
#twilight #pussy #blood #vagina #stache #eat
by The Baddest Bitch! November 18, 2009
Mixture of shit/cum after a good assfucking then the remaining shum is sucked off your cock.
I fucked Holly's tight ass last night and when I was done I made her suck on my Shum Sickle. Best night ever!
#shit #cum #assfucking #sickle #cock
by The Baddest Bitch! December 21, 2009
Slander term for Costa Mesa, California. Created by Huntington Beach residents to describe the area, with its large Tight Pant, Ray Ban, Flannel wearing hipster population. Costa Messy is the "Shitty Huntington Beach."
Costa Messy, you know the Shitty Huntington Beach.
#costa messy #hipsters #tight pants #huntington beach #shitty
by The Baddest Bitch! December 07, 2010
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