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1.) Penis

2.) A sporty English man
1.) His dick is tiny!

2.) Dick is such a fine old chap. He plays cricket magnificently!
by The Baconator October 11, 2008
During the middle of the night, when someone is sleeping and shits the bed with a huge mass of diarrhea and poop, then proceeding to roll around in it to make it more nasty.
After Jamal had taco bell for dinner, he had so much leakage That night even the neighbors complained it stank like shit.
by The baconator March 14, 2015
The holy books of the Shrek religion. Consists of the book of Shrek, the book of donkey, and others. Used to spread his holy ogreness across the kingdom.
I use the shrible to send prayers to Shrek every night
by The baconator March 14, 2015
When someone lets out a fart so pungent, you have to put a gas mask on and pray to Jesus your eyes don't shrivel up from the fumes.
Man, last night dequan held a fart in for so long, when it came out everybody got some stank air.
by The baconator March 14, 2015
Of a stripper-like nature; a woman or girl who is promiscuous or possessing qualities equal to that of a desirable female.

In English: A hot chick, okay?
"That female is entirely desirable."

"Yes, it would appear that she is of a 'stripper-tastic' nature."
by The Baconator May 15, 2008
Referred to when someone is depressed or behaving negatively; the state of mind a person behaving said ways is in.
Pollyanna was really in the emo fort last week, wasn't she?

Oh yeah, she was moping around and she wouldn't talk to anyone.
by The Baconator June 11, 2008

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