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simply : a male that likes to enjoy a refreshing, tasty scrotum..... ie. Steve Parkin
Stay away you bag licker, oh sorry, I thought you were Steve Parkin.
by The Babysat July 18, 2004
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Steve Parkin is such a penrice, he cries, literally balls when someone takes his Scotty Cameron Putter.
by The Babysat July 18, 2004
1.) someone who cannot get enough of the male genetalia

2.) An insult to a guy; an irrational or annoying man

3.) Daniel Olson

4.)Steve Parkin
Steve Parkin is such a cockmonger that no one will even be in the same locker room, for fear of Steve Parkin falling out of their open zipper when changing they draws!
by The Babysat July 18, 2004
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