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The flaming eggroll is like the pink sock, however, the recipient needs to have hemi's so that the rectum is experiencing a burning sensation. The prolapsed rectum looks just like the pink sock, however has a flame red tint due to the itching and burning hemi's. The hemi's may also resemble any food matter that may be extruded from an overcooked eggroll. AKA...The Flaming Eggroll.
Dude, your slutty pregnant wife had a flaming eggroll after I cornholed her turd cutter last night.
by The BBBP's July 10, 2008
The result of a woman with an excess of outer labia dipping the lips into a vat of boiling oil and then rolling the lips in powdered sugar, much like making a funnel cake.
I tried to eat Tammy's fried bear claw but it was too greasy and powdery for my taste.
by The BBBP's July 10, 2008
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