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2 definitions by The B-train

a synonym of "being on the grind," grinding is the term most used by the plano west tennis team to express massive treeing/ amazing-ness/ sickness/etc...
Cyrus: Dude did you see that sick backhand winner down the line?

Sam: Grindiiiiiiiiiiing
by The B-train April 27, 2005
Also known as Daniel, this child prodigy is the definition of grindiiing. On the grind at brookehaven everyday, Wanger truly is a force to be reckoned with.
Peter: Dude, did you see that massive backhand passing shot by Federer right there?

Cyrus:Yeah that was pretty massive, but not as good as Wanger

Peter: ah sah big!!!
by The B-train May 01, 2005