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There are two definitions for california redwick:
1) A type of red weed that grows in parts of california.
2) When a man proceedes to masterbate, usually in a California Style fashion, and from the extended period of time the man begins to bleed from his penis, thus making his penis a red wicked thing.
1) Every day I pull more and more California Redwicks from my garden, but they just seem to keep growing back!
2) I was doing it so long that I didn't even notice my penis become a California Redwick.
by The Awsomeness May 01, 2006
To find a Janitor who loves candy so much he/she abuses it in undescribable sexual ways.
The sticky janitor was worst than the teachers, hiding out in the closet to have fun with his sweets.
by The Awsomeness May 01, 2006

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