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1 definition by The Awakened

Murder of an unborn child, a project of the globalist/NWO depopulation agenda to reduce the world's population so the people left would be more easily controlled that is labeled as a "women's right" so people will approve of it. In fact, the founder of Planned Parenthood admitted that it is a eugenics program designed to reduce the "negro" (black) population. Due to the very sad majority of feminists/"pro choice" people in the US, if you call it that you get the hate of 99% of the people you know. Just look at how many thumbs down this has probably gotten by now.
Sheeple: It's my right to have an abortion.
Smart Person: Abortion is murder, a depopulation program, and should be illegal and have the same penalties as murdering a child outside of the womb.
by The Awakened July 15, 2012