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(The song and dance phenomenon that came out in 2006 by a Swedish pop group Caramell)

1. (noun) (usually with "the ~"): A dance where you place your hands on the top of your head (like a rabbit) flickering them as you move your hips quickly back and forth, all while remaining stationary.
For best results, do the Caramelldansen, accompanied with the music, in the middle of a shopping mall. Observe the shoppers as they stare at you doing this crazy dance none of them knows about like some foreign substance at the end of a tweezer. You would be lucky if one or two people knew the dance and joined with you, then you look less like a dork!
by The Avenue Majestic May 29, 2009
(From the fact that certain appliances from Europe could not work in America)

A phrase uttered when someone or something does something different from normal customs or that it fails to work properly considering it's use.
Jack: Damn, why can't that screw tighten up!?
Reginald: Well, does it seem to be "righty loosey, lefty tighty"?
Jack: Of course, it must be European.
Reginald: I have to go Jack, I have to catch the 3:15 autobus to Bowling Green and help my constable friend to load lifts on a lorry and relax with some Earl Grey and crumpets.
Jack: Right...now YOU must be European
Reginald: No, I said that for the fun of it.
by The Avenue Majestic August 17, 2009
(noun, derived from the German word "links", meaning left)

1. To make a left turn.
Since Jeff's bike has no brakes, he made a linky to the bushes to stop himself.
by The Avenue Majestic May 02, 2011
(noun, derived from the German word "rechts", meaning right)

1. To make a right.
As they tried expediently to evade the burgeoning arm of the law, and as the end of the road beckons, his friend yelled with desperation, "Pull a ricky on this bitch, will you?!" It was one hell of a ricky, too, but done properly enough to give the mad coppers the slip.
by The Avenue Majestic May 02, 2011

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