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When a man wears a pair of briefs and a white t-shirt in combination so that it resembles a one piece body suit.
"If we are going to room together, you are going to have to stop wearing menjifowares."

"My husband won't stop walking around the house in his menjifowares."
by The Asian and the Atheist August 20, 2009
The point in a conversations when a reply to "lol", "mhmm", etc. are met with the same/similar response, stagnating or stopping the conversation. Occurs most commonly in text messages and phone calls.
Al: "So then I had to buy up all the bread in the store. Crazy, right?"
Joe: "Yeah!"
Al: "Mhmm."
Joe: "Mhmm."
Al: "We hit a conversation stalemate, I'll text you later."
by The Asian and the Atheist April 28, 2015
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