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The state of being high. Also more commonly known as the platform you run to in order to get on the train to Hogwarts.
Man I toked two blunts and now I'm chillin on Platform 9&3/4.
#high #toasted #weed #harry potter #buddha
by The Army Brat January 30, 2011
to turn some out sexaully. esp. into another sexual orientation.
Barry: yo, i heard that they over in the apartment with Jimmy playin Red Rover.

Tommy: Damn, I knew that dude was gone (turn out) gay.

Elliot: Cant get no damn girls these days, man, all the (dykes) playin red rover and shit with the ladies

john: (straight up)
#synonyms: turn out #initiated #introduced #jumped in #swung
by The Army Brat April 14, 2010
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