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Drum and Bass is a form of electronic (but now in some places, performed with live instruments) music that is played between 160 to 180 beats per minute (bpm). It is a melting pot of diferent musical influences ranging from classical, hip-hop, reggae, jazz, to indian, metal, and so on. Some tunes have vocals and are song structured, but other tunes are straight beats (which let you form your own perception of the track with your imagination). Defined by music production publications as "the most meticulously produced form of electronic music". Drum and Bass has a beautiful contrast in that it can have mass complexity while still maintaining a friendly feel to the dancefloor or the personal cd player. Drum and Bass is also the umbrella term for the genre that has developed countless subgenre's (neurofunk, techstep, hardstep, ragga, jump-up, liquid funk, atmospheric, dubwise, electrostep, metalstep, etc.). To those who don't know much about the music, they would be surprised how much it has in common with the genres that the unknowing listener usualy listens to. It is an open minded genre that requires open minded people to listen to it.
Drum and Bass, Drum'n'Bass, D'n'B, Fast Soul Music, Jungle... It's all my flavor.
by The Ariel August 27, 2005

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