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Pronounced "Grash"
Based off of Shakespeare's character Gratiano from Merchant of Venice

noun - one who chatters idly at length without making sense, someone who says something pointless or asks a stupid question

adjective - something pointless, monotonous, doesnt make sense
noun - He is a grat because everything that comes out of his mouth is crap and I can never understand him.

adjective - This class is grat because all we do is listen to stupid lecture and take notes
by The Anti Grat November 01, 2006
Pronounced: anti-grash

noun: Someone who is the "voice of reason", one who always knows what they are talking about, someone witty, funny, sharp and intelligent
Mr. Reed is the anti-grat because he knows everything about chem and shuts down all the idiots who ask stupid questions.
by The Anti Grat November 18, 2006

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