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3 definitions by The Antagonist

'Hortur' is swedish for 'Whore's Luck'. This simply means that a prostitute was bought and fucked by a attractive customer.
Whore: Who's my client for today?
Pimp: I don't know his fuckin' name, bitch! But he seems to know what a lady wants.
Whore: Finally some Hortur (Whore Luck)!
by The Antagonist July 29, 2006
In Sweden it is a custom to say Horunge to someone when you are mad or when you want to lay an oath, but when you get excessively mad you'll need a new word. The word that fits this kind of anger is 'Horbarn' which is, directly translated, swedish for Whore's child, basically the same meaning as Horunge but should be used not when you're mad and upset but when you are furious.
Snake Eyes: I'm pouring flour all over your floor, Fatboy!
by The Antagonist July 30, 2006
Baras is almost like a teabag. What you simply do to perform a baras is to put your scrotum in a partners (victims) mouth and slap your partner on her/his face with your penis.
Dude: I totally barased my girlfriend while she was asleep! She almost came on to me when she discovered that she had hairballs in her mouth!
Dude's friend: Cool.
by The Antagonist July 29, 2006