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Emo is not based on how often they cry or cut themselves. To be honest, most of the definitions of emo on urban dictionary are not true and they do hurt. They are mainly made by judgemantal people who have no idea of what they are writing about and just like to be super critical for no reason. They honestly don't understand how it is like to be in my shoes, so why should they judge my lifestyle. In fact, most emo kids don't cut. They prefer to have an awesome haircut which consists of side bangs, black hair and occasionally another random colour. Sterotypically, Emo's listen to emo music. Saying all emos listen to emo music isn't necessarily true. They have quite a varity of music because there is more music out there than just one genre. You know which I love to hear? Emos are hated. Well, emo's do have friends, and they can be friends with whoever they want to be friends with. Just because they look a certain way or might act a different way occasionally doesn't mean they are hated. What I don't get is that there are so many rumors about the emo sterotype. Yes there is a certainn way to be emo, but you cannot act emo. To be emo you have to legit be an emo. One thing I have to say, is most of the urban dictionary definitions for the way emos dress are pretty true. They generally wear tight black clothes with a spiky belt and wear converse. Also piercings are very common with the emo culture
The best definition of emo I could give :3
by The Anonymous Emo October 07, 2011

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