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A slang usage to define two gay lovers who partake in eachothers anus in acts of love or lust.
"Hey Michael, you and your butt-pal should stop watching Sex in the City and come watch the Super Bowl."

"Hines Ward is most certainly a butt-pal with Ben Roethlisberger, just look at the way he smiles."
by The Angry Penguin February 01, 2009
When the vagina's lips are so large that they resemble elephant ears.
"So when I went to go down on her, I saw these giant pussy lips. I swear, this bitch had the worst case of dumb-cunt I've ever seen!"

Judy was self-conscious to be seen naked with the lights on, for she knew Frank would be repulsed by her enormous dumbo-cunt.
by The Angry Penguin February 02, 2009

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