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While having sex on the beach the male (accidentally or intentionally) pulls out his penis and rolls it around in the sand to resemble a 'shake and bake' chicken cutlet, immediately following this he re-inserts his penis.
I was having sex with that bitch Barb out by the pier yesterday and my cock slipped out so I gave her a chicken cutlet.
by The Amazing Paul December 01, 2004
(n.)syn. Goose Bumps

ones skin resembles that of a plucked chicken, can be caused by drops in temperature or emotional excitement
Where's that cold draft coming from, it's givin' me chicken skin!
by The Amazing Paul December 01, 2004
anything undesirable, a cleaner version of shitty.
Well, your attitude is rather poopy today.
by The Amazing Paul December 01, 2004

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