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When you try some new food that tastes so delicious it makes you wonder "why can't my mom cook this well?". This thought makes you so angry that you feel like slapping your mom for feeding you mediocre food.

Of course, this is usually meant as a joke or figure of speech. Most people love their mothers and would never do such a thing.
Kid 1: Yo dawg, I'm tired of eatin' at home. My momma feeds me the same ol' grilled cheese sandwich for lunch every-damn-day.

Kid 2: Don't sweat it home slice. Why don't you come on over to ma crib after school? I'll make you to best PB & J sandwich you've eva tasted. Tastes so good, make you wanna slap yo momma!

Kid 1: Yeaaah boii!!
by The Amazing Jazzy Jas August 07, 2009
This is usually said by a guy to a girl, but it could be used vice-versa. The guys is trying to tell the girl that he appreciates her not just physically, but also her overall beauty as a person.

Is the guy being honest? That's up to the girl to decide.
Guy: Hey girl, can I get your number?
Girl: I hardly even know you, we just met here at this club.
Guy: Yeah I know what happened. I'm not as drunk as I might seem...listen, I'd like to get to know you better.
Girl: Get to know me better in what way?!
Guy: No, no don't get it twisted! It ain't your booty, it's yo beauty.
by The Amazing Jazzy Jas August 07, 2009
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