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Rough but consensual sex between individuals who despise one another. Occurs usually in a scenario where a physical fight would normally take place, substituting bruised fists with bruised sexual organs.
Jen has been the biggest bitch I have ever known since the day I stepped into the office. I guess the hatred added to my attraction though since that cunt is white hot. Before we knew it our argument last night turned into a sweaty anger fuck on her desk.
by The Amazing AO January 28, 2009
Surveillance and Target Acquisition

USMC snipers.
The main goal for STA is gathering information and taking out priority targets. They are not supposed to shoot every enemy they spot although that can be an option.
by The Amazing AO October 26, 2005
A Naughty Nurse.

Named after their candy cane looking uniforms although those variants are probably extinct today.
When Andrew was injured in the Corp he got plenty of action indoors from candy stripers.
by The Amazing AO October 26, 2005
To have lied.

Normally in a white way.
To earn hippie cred, I fibbed about being an actor and even showed him a card which said I was with a local repertory theater.
by The Amazing AO May 16, 2009
1. Erroneous title for the seminal 1985 comic series and currently unreleased movie Watchmen.It is common for the press, non fans or new fans to misname the title. Making the mistake triggers a massive bombardment of corrections and sometimes insults by fanatical devotees of the story.
2. Vigilantes/dictators; unregulated and unchallenged positions of authority.
1. "Fans of the the obscure comic series and co-creator Alan Moore "The Watchmen" about a superhero team claim that the comic is unfilmable"


2. "Who watches the Watchmen?" -Roman Poet Juvenal
by The Amazing AO February 17, 2009
A stereotypical black robot. A term and designation used to describe the characters Skids and Mudflap from the movie "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen." Many critics accuse them as being offensive racial characters.

Etymology: A play on the words sambo and robot.
Dem' sambots need to to get their nasty rusty headed ghetto rides out of my neighborhood. Go to auto school, get a job. Get off your car insurance, get off your nitrous, stop your drive bys and go back to Cybertron!
by The Amazing AO August 18, 2009
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