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A premeditated or spontaneous act of an individual or group thereof, who endeavors to keeps another individual (usually African American) from achieving his or her full potential in their chosen field of excellence. The act usually takes a blasphemous or ridiculing verbal form but holds the potential to escalate into a physical altercation; i.e. fisticuffs or cap busting. The propagation and proliferation of such hate has become a pandemic in African American culture. Said hate can apply to all facets of the game; i.e. ones chosen mode of transportation, one’s ability to engage in intercourse (with hoes and/or bitches), ones financial resources, or ones felonious enterprises. Haters frequently resort to such colloquialisms in order to further degrade the moral of the hatee. Constituents of the hater nation usually travel in numbers, in order to exponentially compound such distaste.
Tyrone, upon hearing of Malik’s repeated reception of felatious acts by the sensuously shaped Shaniqua, exhibited his characteristic qualities of a hater by entering into a tirade detailing Malik’s inadequacies of his reproductive organs.
by The Alpha Hater July 13, 2009

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