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3 definitions by The Almighty Tofu Ninja

The eBay robot. Built in order to hunt down those that take advantage of e-auctions.
Dude, you better pay the shipping and handling or {0_o} will come and castrate you
by The Almighty Tofu Ninja January 19, 2005
9 4
The mighty sword wielded by Tofu Ninja, the all-mighty uber guy that seriously kicks ass. The wangsaber has special attack that fires a white sticky substance to blind/halt foes.
"You will feel the wrath of my wangsaber!" yelled Tofu with anger.
by The Almighty Tofu Ninja June 30, 2005
5 1
A d0nk33 is a relative of the Donkey family. It is known to appear out of no where, usually near people who are stoned of their asses, and then surgically implant itself inside their coronary artery. Often times this surgery is fatal, but some people go on to live their lives with a donkey in their coronary artery.
Dude, that d0nk33 just surgically implanted itself in your coronary artery. Have you been doing drugs?
by The Almighty Tofu Ninja January 19, 2005
3 14