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A bass model crafted by Fender, and endlessly imitated. Slang term is the "P-bass". The first electric bass guitar manufactured in 1958, this has evolved into one of the most popular models ever. A versatile instrument, and extremely well rounded, but known for being able to produce a nice, fatter, lower tone. Sometimes said to be a "punk" instruument, but that's normally coming from the mouths of Ibanez-loving metalheads.
Wow! That Precision bass is sick!
by The Allergen April 30, 2005
A suffix added to any noun meant to accentuate the word in the sentence. Manages to get very annoying.
"Let's go and get dome drinksies."

"Crazy wetness in the poolsies!"
by The Allergen June 26, 2005
Commonly used acronym, meaning: study till brain boils out of thy ears. synonymous with "cram". Pronounced "Stuh-boo-ti".
There's a Russian test tomorrow? Man, I better STBBOOTE tonight!
by The Allergen April 30, 2005

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