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4 definitions by The All Knower

A vaccuming romance, that draws you in. Usually one side of the relationship is using the other, and the used is so entwined in the romance that they never confront the user. Term made popular by emo and punk rock bands such as My Chemical Romance and The Used
The Used:
I must have caught something
In the heat of all these dances
I'm a worm with no more chances
And I've lost all doubt
In a chemical romance

"The Used- Take it Away"
by The All Knower July 19, 2005
A person of any age or gender who takes over a website chatroom, or forum in popularity. Most of the time they then leave and take over a new one.
That hermit dogg was my best friend, why did he leave?
by The All Knower December 29, 2004
The act of taking a ps3 controller and shoving it up a girls vagina and playing a game so it vibrates and gives her pleasure.
Taylor wanted the d, So i just did the dylan spejna to pleasure her.
by The all knower December 07, 2012
A super-cool kid who chats on every chatroom he sees, takes over, leaves and goes to another one
See: Hermit Dogg
Did you see that D-Dogg Kidd take over?
by The All Knower December 29, 2004