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Oi punk band fronted by Mike Virus, formerly of The Virus, who's really really hot.
Dick Cheney, Out On Your Own, Launch Off to War, Smash Your Symbols, Backstabber, It's Up To You, Take A Chance, If Society..., and more I can't remember right now.

"Cheap Sex is fuckin' awesome"
by The Alkaline Cyber Skank January 02, 2004
Dumbass webslang that retards use because they can't spell.
Me: Damn, stop using acronyms. If something's funny, say "Haha" like the rest of us, you fucker. Webslang is bullshit.
by The Alkaline Cyber Skank March 07, 2004
Drummer for the Alkaline Trio, and formerly for the Suicide Machines. Looked like an emo kid, but changed his image to fit in with the Alkaline Trio, who think they're vampires or something.
"Derek Grant changed his emo kid-look, which is uncool. Changing to fit in is stupid. Poor, confused Derek. Someone should hit him."
by The Alkaline Cyber Skank January 02, 2004

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