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When someone takes their shirt off, and the moment you see them when no shirt, one of the following happens:
1. Your brain melts.
2. A black hole suddenly appears next to you, sucking everything into it.
3. Death to all those around that person.
4. The president is assassanated.
5. Blindness.
He showed a vulgar display of power, and everyone died.
#vulgar #display #power #pantera #sudden death
by The Alabama Kid June 13, 2008
A sexual action. When your fucking this cheap hoe in the ass really good, then she shit diariea all over your dick, then as pay back, you shove your shit covered cock in her mouth, causing her to throw up, than you say "How you like that Charlie Brown, BITCH!"
Guy: *shoves shit cover dick in sluts mouth* "How you like that Charlie Brown, BITCH!"

Slutty Ass Bitch: MMMmmMmmMMmmmmmmmm......*throws up*
#charlie #brown #charlie brown #shit face #diariea
by The Alabama Kid June 14, 2008
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